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1. Would you classify human beings as autotrophs or heterotrophs?
Answer: We are heterotrophs because we gain our food from other sources.

2. What do we collectively call all the reactions taking place in a cell?
Answer: Metabolism

3. What is the difference between anabolic and catabolic reactions?
Answer: Anabolic - simple substances join to make more complex ones. Catabolic - complex substances are broken down to make simpler ones.

4. Is the burning of wood an endergonic or exergonic reaction? Explain why.
Answer: The burning of wood is an exergonic reaction because energy is given off or released in the form of heat. An endergonic reaction uses energy.

5. What are enzymes?
Answer: They are special proteins that act as catalysts in a chemical reaction.

6. What is the main difference between aerobic and anaerobic respiration?
Answer: Aerobic respiration is a type of cellular respiration that requires oxygen. Anaerobic respiration does not use oxygen.

7. Glycolysis occurs when glucose is changed into this acid. What is the acid?
Answer: Pyruvic Acid

8. What is the main difference between ATP and ADP?
Answer: ATP or adenosine triphosphate has one more phosphate group than adenosine diphosphate.

9. Most autotrophs use this process to make food. The process literally translated means 'putting together light'. What do we call this process?
Answer: photosynthesis

10. What is the green pigment in the cells of plants called?
Answer: chlorophyll