Chapter 9 Flashcards - Habitats, environment and survival.
The survival of organisms, and therefor their distribuition and abundance, depends on both biotic (living) and abiotic (physical) factors.
Draw up two columns, headed biotic and abiotic, and list as many factors you can think of that fit into these categories.
Intertidal zone algae and molluscs

Adaptations for survival can be structural (how an organism is built), functional (physiological adaptations) or behavioural (how an organism acts).

Videos about animal adaptations from "How Stuff Works"

Environmental factors affecting organisms in a marine environment:

Intertidal Zonation from MESA:

Scientific American article about how climate change may be affecting the size of sheep:

Intertidal zonation - a definition: including a northern hemisphere diagram at

Structural, functional and behavioural adaptations of marine organisms (worksheets from the NZ Aquarium);