3D Cell Stain

3D Human Brain

Biology Core - Do you need a mobile glossary for Biology?

Biology - Digestion (free)

Biology - Homeostasis ($3.99)

Field Guide to Victorian Fauna - Melbourne Museum (free) - Explore south-eastern Australia's unique and diverse wildlife at home or in the field. This app combines detailed animal descriptions with stunning imagery and sounds to provide a valuable reference that can be used in urban, bush and coastal environments.

Human calculator (free) How many times has your heart beaten? How much air have you breathed? Just add your birth data and time to this app to find out amazing facts about your body.

Human facts

iCell - HudsonAlpha - Look inside a model Animal, Plant or Bacterial cell to identify the structure and function of organelles.

LifeCycles - Includes life cycles of frogs, butterflies, plants (photosynthesis, pollination and fertilisation), the Water Cycle, Nitrogen and Oxygen Cycles.

Nature facts

Phyto (free) Identify phtoplankton

Melbourne Aquarium (free)

Please Touch - Melbourne Museum (free)

Mitosis (free) Interactive exploration of mitosis with photos, quiz, glossary of terms.

Exam Busters - Biology study cards